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(*) Indicates mild or spicy dish. Prices subject to change.


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Spring Rolls (Vegetables) (3)4
BBQ Pork10
Pan Seared Dumplings (6) (Potstickers)8
Chicken Potstickers (Fried) (9)8
Chicken Wings8
Deep Fried Prawns (8)10
Cream Cheese Puff6
Pork Egg Rolls (3)6
Crab Cheese Puff7
Edamame (salted soybean)4
Chicken lettuce wrap10
Fried Calamari9


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Egg Flower Soup Or Hot and Sour Soup(*)Cup2
Egg Flower Soup Or Hot and Sour Soup(*)Bowl8
Wonton SoupCup2
Wonton SoupBowl8
Sizzling Rice Soup with Shrimp and Chicken10
Pork and Szechuan cabbage Soup(*)8
Vegetables and Bean Curd Soup8


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Sesame Chicken11
MANGO Chicken12
Chicken Green Bean12
Lemon Chicken11
Almond Fried Chicken12
Moo Goo Gai PanSliced chicken sautéed with snow peas, carrot, baby corns, bamboo shoots and mushrooms in a clear wine sauce.11
Curry Chicken(*)Sliced chicken stir fried with green peppers, snow peas and onions in a spicy curry sauce. (A famous South East Asian dish).11
Sizzling Chicken(*)chickens, broccoli, carrots and peapods sautéed with garlic sauce.11
Basil Chicken12
Chicken with Vegetables11
Orange Chicken(*)11
Sweet and Sour Chicken11
Chicken Garlic Sauce(*)Tender sliced chicken sautéed with zucchini, green peppers, peapod and water chestnuts in a mild garlic wine sauce.11
Cashew Chicken11
Chicken Black Bean Sauce11
Grand Duke Chicken(*)Sliced chicken with green pepper, carrots, onion and zucchini. (Kung Pao Style)11
General Tao chicken(*)11


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Garlic Green Beans10
Buddha's Delight (Sautéed Veggie.)10
(Soft Tofu) with Chinese Black Mushrooms10
Szechuan Tofu(*)10
Sautéed spinach with fresh garlic10
Family Style Bean-Curd (Fried Tofu)10


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Chow Fun Noodles (Rice Noodles)Chicken or Pork11
Chow Fun Noodles (Rice Noodles)Combo14
Fried RiceChicken, BBQ Pork or Vegetables9
Fried RiceShrimp or Combination12
Soft Chow Mein (Lo Mein)Chicken or Pork10
Soft Chow Mein (Lo Mein)Shrimp or Combination12
Egg Foo YoungPork or Chicken12
Egg Foo YoungShrimp14

House Specialties

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Mandarin "Hunan" Triple Crown(*)Prawns, scallops and chicken sautéed with vegetables in a Hunan sauce.16
Imperial CombinationBeef and scallops with broccoli in a brown oyster sauce.16
Mongolian Style Lamb(*)Sliced lamb tossed fried with scallions and onion dry red peppers14
Happy FamilyShrimp, chicken, beef and BBQ pork with vegetables in a chef's special wine sauce16
Sweet and Sour DelightCombination of prawns, chicken and pork.13
Triple Grand Duke(*)Prawns, chicken and beef sautéed with onions, zucchini, peppers and peanuts in a Chef's secret sauce. (Kung Pao Style)15
Five Flavor Chicken(*)Crispy chicken tossed in a special blend of flavor sauces.12
House Triple DelightChicken, pork and prawns toss fried with scallions and onions.15
Halibut Peking Style(*)Lightly breaded in a sweet mild sauce surrounded with broccoli.17
Dragon & Phoenix (Chef's favor)Filet Mignon & Prawns sautéed with mushrooms, onions and zucchini16


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Honey Walnut Prawns15
Seafood Hot PlatePrawns and scallops sautéed with veggie in a brown sauce.16
MANGO Shrimp15
Sizzling Shrimp14
Sesame Shrimp14
Grand Duke Shrimp(*)Prawns sautéed with onions, zucchini, carrot, pepper and peanuts in a Chef's secret sauce. (Kung Pao Style)14
Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables14
Mandarin "Hunan" Shrimp(*)Prawns sautéed with pea pods, carrots, baby corns, straw mushrooms and broccoli in a spicy Hunan sauce.14
Shrimp with Black Bean SauceStir fried prawns, green peppers, onions and mushrooms sautéed with black bean sauce.14
Shrimp in Garlic Sauce(*)Prawns sautéed with peapods, water chestnuts, carrots and peppers in a mild garlic sauce.14
Basil Prawns15
Sweet and Sour Shrimp14


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Beef with Garlic Sauce(*)12
Beef with Broccoli12
Beef Sautéed Green Beans12
Mongolian Beef(*)12
Orange Beef(*)13
Beef with Triple Mushrooms12
Curry Beef(*)12
Five Flavor Beef(*)Crispy beef tossed with special sweet sauce. Toped with crushed peanuts.13
Ginger Beef12
Beef with Mixed Vegetables12
Beef with Black Bean Sauce12
Hot Szechwan Beef(*)Sliced beef sautéed with mushroom, bamboo shoot, onions & peapods in a Szechwan hot sauce. (For the one that loves spicy food).12
Mandarin "Hunan" Beef(*)Sliced tenderlion beef with snow peas, broccoli, baby corns, carrots and straw mushrooms in a Hunan sauce.12


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Tiger Pork(*)Crispy tender pork tossed in a sweet brown sauce.13
Moo Shu PorkServed with 4 pancakes11
Sweet and Sour Pork11
Ginger Pork11
Pork in Garlic Sauce(*)11
Mandarin "Hunan" Pork(*)11

Individual Dinners

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Individual DinnerServed with Soup of the Day, Roasted BBQ Pork, Vegetable Spring Roll, Boneless Almond Fried Chicken, Pork Fried Rice15.50
Add One Of The FollowingMandarin "Hunan" Chicken(*), Moo Goo Gai Pan, General Chicken(*), Kung Pao Chicken(*), Chicken Veggie, Mongolian Chicken(*), Sesame Chicken, Ginger Beef, Chow Mein of your choice (Chicken, Beef, Pork, or Veggie), Beef with Broccoli, Mongolian Beef(*), Pepper Steak, Sweet & Sour Pork, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Orange Chicken(*), Curry Chicken(*), Cashew Chicken, Pork in Garlic Sauce(*), Lemon Chicken. 

Family Dinners

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(Minimum two persons or more) Price shown is per person.

A. Mandarin DinnerSoup of the day, Vegetable Spring Rolls, BBQ Pork, Almond Fried Chicken, Sweet & Sour Pork, Chicken Chow Mein (soft noodles), BBQ Pork Fried Rice.14
B. Szechuan DinnerSoup of the day, Vegetables Spring Rolls, Pan Seared Dumplings, Sesame Chicken, Mongolian Beef(*), Shrimp with Vegetables, BBQ Pork Fried Rice16.5
C. Hunan DinnerSoup of the day, Fried chicken wings, BBQ Pork, Sweet and Sour Prawns, Mandarin "Hunan" Beef(*), Kung Pao Chicken(*), BBQ Pork Fried Rice.16.5
D. Deluxe DinnerSoup of the day, BBQ Pork, Deep Fried Prawns, General Chicken(*), Honey Walnut Prawn, Chicken in Garlic Sauce(*), BBQ Pork Fried Rice.18
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